To plan our work, we use Atlas Bore Planner

It is a set of patented programs and specialized equipment that help create a plan for the drilling project. Additional equipment helps identify previous pipelines, and terrain complexity, and guide the drill movement in the soil. 

To complete the work, we use

Directional Drilling

Vermeer 24x40A Vermeer 80x100 

Vermeer D100x140
Ditch-Witch AT100 
Ditch-Witch 3020AT

Butt-welding of polyethylene pipes

*Butt-welding device for polyethylene pipes with a diameter of up to 800mm

Auger Boring

McLaughlin 54x60 Wamet WPS - 50SW

Pipeline Renovation

Trictools HFHD - 100tn Ditch-Witch P80 - 36tn Mini Burst

Vacuum Excavator

Ditch-Witch FX-30 Pressure washing vehicle Mercedes

Why choose us?

Our extensive experience

has provided a host of innovative and useful tips and ideas on how to perform work as efficiently as possible.

The team

consists of the best in the field, always able to offer the best and most logical solution.

Guaranteed professionalism

ensures accuracy and proper results for every project.


we choose the highest quality equipment from the best manufacturers for each project.

Are you ready to work with us?

Our team consists of specialists in the field who are eager to take on any project!